I’m Pradyun.


I am an open source advocate, a polyglot software developer, a Google Summer of Code 2017 Fellow and in general, a curious person. I enjoy working on improving software systems so that they’re more useful, for the humans using them.

I’m currently working on the tooling for packaging and installing Python based software and libraries; as a member of the Python Packaging Authority and a maintainer of pip and virtualenv. I am also in the TOML Core team.

I am a senior (4th) year undergraduate student (B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering). I’m currently looking for 16 weeks internships to do in my final semester in college, that start in early December 2019.
Last updated on: July 12, 2019

You can find me at a lot of places on the internet. I sometimes write in my blog. Feel free to reach out, if you’d like to chat. I am available to chat over email and Twitter.