I’m Pradyun.


I am an open source advocate, a polyglot software developer, a Python Software Foundation Fellow, a Google Summer of Code 2017 student and in general, a curious person.

I enjoy working on improving software systems so that they’re more useful, for the humans using them. Thus, I volunteer my time to work on tooling for packaging and installing Python based software and libraries; as a member of the Python Packaging Authority and a maintainer of pip and virtualenv. I am also in the TOML Core team.

I occasionally blog.

Currently, I’m an intern at FOSSEE and working on improving Python packaging tooling. I am actively looking for full time placement starting in Jul 2020. If you reckon I’d be a good addition to your team, please reach out.
Last updated on: Aug 26, 2019

You can find me at a lot of places on the internet. Feel free to reach out, if you’d like to chat. I am available to chat over email and Twitter.