I am a software engineer, who likes to work on improving the experience of using software for other humans. I have a keen interest in open source software, with deep experience with developer tooling and technical writing & communication.

I help maintain critical projects that serve as the digital infrastructure for the Python ecosystem. I have been recognized as a Python Software Foundation Fellow for my work in the community. I have also given talks at many Python meetups and conferences.

At my day job, I make it easier for software developers to write software in Python; as part of Bloomberg Engineering’s Python Infrastructure team.

Here’s an audio clip of how to say my name.

Open Source Projects

pip maintainer 2017 - present
pip is the package installer for Python. I have been the release manager for most pip releases since late 2018.
Furo creator 2020 - present
Furo is a documentation theme for Sphinx-based (technical) documentation, designed to emphasize on the content while still providing capable navigation around the documentation.
TOML lead maintainer 2018 - present
TOML is a configuration file format, with an emphasis on simplicity. It is used in many places, including Python's pyproject.toml file and Rust's cargo.toml file.
PyPI moderator 2019 - present
Python Package Index (PyPI, pie-pee-aye) is a repository of software for the Python programming language.
Flit maintainer 2021 - present
Flit is a simple way to put Python packages and modules on PyPI. It tries to require less thought about packaging and help you avoid common mistakes.
sphinx-inline-tabs creator 2020 - present
sphinx-inline-tabs is a Sphinx plugin, that provides simple and easy-to-use tabs for inline content; for use in technical documentation.
sphinx-theme-builder creator 2021 - present
Sphinx Theme Builder is a tool that greatly simplifies the Sphinx theme development workflow, by building upon existing standardised tools.
vendoring creator 2019 - present
vendoring is a command line tool for vendoring Python Packages. It is designed specifically for pip's use case.
installer creator 2020 - present
installer is a library for installing Python wheel distributions, serving as building block for package/dependency management tooling.
virtualenv maintainer 2018 - 2021
virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments.
alias-tips maintainer 2017 - 2021
alias-tips is a zsh plugin to help users remember shell aliases defined in their shell configuration.
JSON.minify maintainer 2017 - 2021
JSON.minify is a minifier algorithm for JSON, to remove comments and whitespace.

Interviews & Features

Talk Python To Me 2022
Invited to a panel on "Sphinx, MyST, and Python Docs in 2022", an area of the Python ecosystem that I've become deeply involved in.

Talk Python To Me Episode 354

PyDev of the week 2021
Interviewed about my Python journey as the "PyDev of the week" - an interview series on Python developers running since 2014!


Podcast.__init__ 2020
Invited to a panel on pip's next-generation dependency resolver, a project that I worked on.

Podcast.__init__ Episode 264

SourceSort 2019
Interviewed as part of an ongoing series of "Interviews with open source maintainers and developers" by SourceSort.



Python Software Foundation Fellow 2019
Recognized as a fellow by the Python Software Foundation for my significant contributions to the Python community.

Blog Post

Google Open Source Peer Bonus 2019
Recognized as an external-to-Google individual who has made exceptional contributions to open source.

Blog Post


PyIstanbul May 2021
How to write horrible documentation

Youtube Stream

FOSDEM Feb 2021
Panel: UX contributions to pip, Python's package installer


FOSDEM Feb 2021
Improving pip for all users


HydPy Meetup Apr 2020
How pip works internally


PyConf Hyderabad Dec 2019
Rethinking Python Packaging – a thought experiment


PyCon India Oct 2019
Python Packaging - where we are and where we're headed


PyCon Korea Aug 2019
Keynote: How did I get here?


Community Engagement

I’m fairly all over the place on this front – in that, I actually end up doing a lot of stuff that don’t quite fit the categories earlier on this page.

The best place to see the detailed overview of how I’ve helped various community-driven open sources projects is, like, stalking me on GitHub?

Python Packaging Authority member 2017 - present
Maintain tooling that serves foundational digital infrastructure for the Python packaging ecosystem.
Executable Books member 2021 - present
Part of a collaboration to create executable books with Jupyter, building upon the Sphinx ecosystem.
Python Docs WG collaborator 2022 - present
Helping improve CPython's Documentation!
Stack Overflow 2012 - present
I had a lot of free time before college. Nowadays, I occasionally write answers there.
GSoC 2020
Mentored a student who worked on pip.
PyCon India 2019
Volunteered at the conference, mentor at Open Source sprint.
PyConf Hyderabad 2019
Volunteered at the conference, mentor at Open Source sprint.
PyCon US 2019
Volunteered at the conference, participant at the "Python Packaging Mini-Summit" and in the development sprints.
GSoC 2017
I learnt a lot working toward introducing a better dependency resolver in pip.