I’m trying to post these roughly once a month. Here’s the November post.

This update has been a little late, since I have been traveling and recovering from an illness.

I also have good news: I will be working on open source projects related to Python Packaging (full time) starting early Dec 2019 till May/Jun 2020.

Work I did (Nov 6 - Dec 10)


  • Worked to separate pip’s dependency vendoring logic from rest of pip
    • This would enable other projects that use similar mechanisms (eg. pipenv)
  • Made some progress for preparing for TOML’s 1.0 release


  • Finalized my internship, and got the necessary approvals at college
  • PyConf Hyderabad 2019! (yay!)
    • I gave a talk: Rethinking Python Packaging – a thought experiment.
    • I ran a sprint! ~5 new contributors worked on pip!
  • Initiated a [discussion for Python Packaging at PyCon US and in GSoC 2020.

Additional notes on challenges

As I’d anticipated, November has been low productivity. I didn’t have much time to put toward working on “Open Source stuff”, due to various other commitments – broadly: exam preparation, attending a family wedding and talk preparation for PyConf Hyderabad.

Goals for December


  • Finish decoupling pip’s dependency vendoring logic to a dedicated tool
  • Resume work on pip’s build logic refactor
    • Shout out to Chris Hunt (@chrahunt) for keeping things moving while I was away.
  • Check for pip 20.0 preparedness (due Jan 2020)
  • Do issue triage on pip’s issue tracker
  • (stretch goal) Look into further reducing fragile manual steps in pip’s release process


  • Catch up on November’s discussions
  • Propose a talk at PyCon US 2020
  • Make progress on discussions related to PyCon US and GSoC 2020
  • Identify areas which (in my opinion) would be of interest in pip’s UX review

Other commitments

There is likely some travel in late December and early January, with family. And that’s about it in terms of planned commitments.

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