I’m actually really good at procrastinating things when I’m uncomfortable.
- me, back in Feb 2020


As you’re likely aware, the human world has been quite a different place since my last post here. My transition to this change wasn’t super smooth, but hey, it could’ve been a lot worse. My mental health has definitely had a really fun roller coaster ride. I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay safe and also work remotely with some wonderful folks over this time.

I wrapped up my 3 month GSoC project, after 3 years

As you might know, I’ve been working on pip’s dependency resolver since 2017, which was originally my Google Summer of Code project. There is now a public pip release that uses a new, written-from-the-ground-up dependency resolver, that replaces the old pseudo-dependency-resolver it had. 🎉

A large part of why this project was finally pushed over the line was that the Packaging-WG at the Python Software Foundation was able to secure funding toward this, from Mozilla (through its Mozilla Open Source Support Awards) and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Huge thanks to Bernard Tyers, Ernest W. Durbin III, Georgia Bullen, Nicole Harris, Paul Moore, Sumana Harihareshwara and Tzu-Ping Chung for being amazing colleagues (and friends!) as we worked on this together.

I have a college degree now

Hurray! I made it out of that place. As a faculty once told me, “you got to where you are despite this college, not because of it”.

My college has made me sign paperwork that prohibits me from speaking out against university management (something that should speak for itself). Here’s a link to a relevant section on Wikipedia.

Update: I had to change the link above to a permalink to a specific version of the document, because the linked section was edited out the day I put up this post.

I mentored a GSoC student

I mentored Raphael McSinyx, who worked on pip, exploring speedups to pip’s dependency resolution process. You can read more about their work in his final GSoC report.

I relocated for a job

I am now working at Bloomberg Engineering as, currently, a part of the Python Infrastructure team in London.

I’m officially no longer living in my parent’s home. Onward to new adventures, I guess.

I am doing Sphinx-y things now

I made a Sphinx documentation theme: Furo, modernised sphinx-themes.org and am collaborating with the amazing folks of the Executable Books project.

I went to San Francisco

CZI conducted an EOSS kickoff meeting, bringing lots of members of their first cohort of 32 EOSS grantees into one room. This included me!

It was a really well conducted event, and the room was filled with brilliant people. I felt like a squirrel in a room full of elephants.

This happened right before COVID-19 was deemed serious enough to care about it. It was the last trip I had in the before-times, and it was definitely a good one.