I’m trying to post these roughly once a month. Here’s the April post.

Work I did (1 May 2021 - 30 Jun 2021)


  • Made significant progress on pip’s documentation rewrite.
  • More progress on installer’s usability.
  • Finally completed the restructuring of pip’s distribution via https://bootstrap.pypa.io/. Shoutout to @ewdurbin who did most of the magic here. :)
  • A lot of issue tracker triage (and mostly saying no) for Furo.
  • Sphinx 4 compatibility for Furo.
  • Wrote my own VS Code editor UI theme, finally.
  • Sphinx: More progress on $theme-I-am-writing.


  • PyPA logistics for moving pipx and cibuildwheel.
  • Passively involved in the editable installs standardisation process.

If you wanna talk to me on a weekend, I’m still doing open social weekends. :)

General notes

Nothing to say here this time.

What next?

Some more wrapping up of ongoing projects, since I actually didn’t really do that as much as I’d hoped for.


  • Make further progress on pip’s documentation rewrite.
  • installer: Finalise and make a stable release.
  • Sphinx: Continue iterating on sphinx-basic-ng.
  • Sphinx: Continue iterating on $theme-I-am-writing.
  • Sphinx: Continue iterating on the PEP 517 backend.


  • Spend time on the Python lockfile standardisation effort.
  • Help with the July pip release.

Other commitments

A full time job, that pays my bills. :)