It’s been a while since I posted one of these!

Work I did

This has been a fairly productive few months, despite all the things that have been happening outside of my open-source-related responsibilities.

July 2021


  • installer: 0.2.3 release!
  • packaging: 21.0 release!
  • sphinx-basic-ng: Alpha 6 release.
  • pip: Make progress on the documentation revamp project.
  • pip: Make progress on adopting black.
  • Furo: More Sphinx 4 compatibility stuff.
  • Furo: Refactored most of the stylesheets.
  • Furo: Implemented and released dark mode toggle, which was a heavily requested feature.
  • Furo: Improve accessibility by adding appropriate labels across the site, improving constrast ratios across the board and validating the keyboard-only navigation story.


  • Lots of PR reviews across all of GitHub!
  • Onboard a new contributor (@DiddiLeija) to pip.
  • Collaborate on the lockfile standardisation effort (became PEP 655).
  • Help with ComputeCanada’s setup for providing optimised wheels to their users.
  • Sphinx: experiment with improving the documentation site.

August 2021


  • Furo: First stable release!
  • sphinx-inline-tabs: Release beta10!
  • pip: More progress on the documentation revamp project.
  • pip: Migrate automatic merge conflict label mechanisms.
  • pip: Improve deprecation helpers.
  • pip: Improve issue filing experience.
  • Furo: Add support for sphinx-design elements.


  • Poke at the PEP 655 discussion.
  • Poke at the GPU-optimised wheels discussion.
  • sphinx-design: Provide feedback on the initial iteration.
  • TOML: newline normalisation discussion.
  • pip: Drive discussion and resolve the black adoption story.
  • Furo: user support, helping out with their usage and docs.

Sept 2021


  • pip: Lots of PR reviews and issue tracker trimming.
  • pip: More progress on documentation revamp.
  • Furo: Rework presentation of API documentation.
  • Furo: General polishing, based on issues reported by users.
  • installer: Work on modernising the codebase.
  • installer: Land the PRs that users have filed for this.
  • vendoring: Improve behaviours, for patching and import rewriting.


  • pip: Discussion and kickoff of the effort to improve error messages.
  • pip: Pick up the release manager duties for 21.3 (Oct 2021).
  • installer: Communicate around the support promises for EoL Python.
  • Furo: user support, helping out with their usage and docs.
  • Executable Books: Get involved in the governance discussions.

General notes

I’m really excited about the progress on the pip documentation revamp. I’m particularly happy with how the Build System Interface section has come together.

Volunteer Responsibility Amnesty Day is on the next solstice: December 21, 2021. If you volunteer for things, consider participating and checking in with yourself.

What next?

  • PEP 655: Help out with the rewrite.
  • pip: 21.3 release!
  • pip: Wind down the documentation rewrite effort.
  • pip: Make progress on the diagnostic errors effort.
  • installer: Make last EoL Python release.
  • Sphinx: More progress on $theme-I-am-writing.
  • Poke and check what’s up with the Python Documentation Workgroup.

Other commitments

A full time job that pays my bills. :)