Work I did (April 2022)


  • Release pip 22.1.b1
  • Release Furo 2022.04.07
  • Release release-helper 1.0.0
  • Improve the presentation of upgrade prompts from pip.
  • Some exploratory work for how much effort it would be, to remove install calls from pip’s codebase.
  • Some exploratory work for adding a “Track: Packaging” to Python PEPs.
  • Some exploratory work for automating adding maintainers/committers to PyPA, with the information being stored in a Git repository with history.
  • Did an “open source responsibility audit”, to check what I’ve committed to responsibility for and for what things I should step down.


  • PyCon US Packaging Summit planning.
  • Poke a few more people about PEP 668 (externally managed environments).
  • Started writing a PEP for “default” extras (i.e. optional dependencies that get installed by default).
  • Interviewed as part of a post about Package Managers

General notes

My plans for attending PyCon US changed very close to the event date, since PyCon announced that there will be a co-located event does not have any published masking or vaccination requirements. I’m pretty bummed out about that. Thankfully, everyone involved in the trip planning/booking has been understanding.

PyCon US is wrapping up, as I write this. I imagine there’s gonna be a bunch of folks with a bunch of energy contributing to various projects, something I look forward to!