Work I did (May 2022)


  • Release pip 22.1!
  • Lots of bugfixes for pip 22.1!
  • Make some progress on improving pip’s build system logic.
  • Make improvements to Furo, switching it to use sphinx-basic-ng.


  • Remotely attend PyCon US Sprints.
  • Attend and engage in the Python Documentation Community meeting.
  • Collaborate on setting up a “Packaging PEPs” pages on
  • PEP 691 (adding a JSON-based API to Python Package Indexes) went through its initial round of discussions. I co-authored this PEP.
  • More work on getting PEP 668 (externally managed environments) ready for a decision. I co-authored this PEP.

General notes

This month was a vacation month, and it shows! I got to meet family and friends, and had a generally relaxed few weeks.