Work I did (Jun 2022)


  • sphinx-theme-builder: 0.2.0a15 release.
  • sphinx-basic-ng: 0.0.1a12 release.
  • Furo: 2022.06.04 and 2022.06.21 releases.
  • Documentation improvements to pip.
  • Made progress on moving pip away from distutils usage, unblocking Python 3.12’s distutils removal.
  • sphinx-theme-builder got a bunch of updates.
  • sphinx-basic-ng got a bunch of updates.
  • Improve sphinx-theme-builder usability for downstream redistributors.
  • Significantly simplified the default configuration file template in Sphinx, which eventually got released in Sphinx 5.1.
  • Worked on getting pip’s test isolation to behave correctly without virtualenv <= 16 (from ~2019).
  • Worked on Sphinx 5 compatibility for various bits of the Sphinx ecosystem that I maintain.
  • Spent a decent amount of time working on Lutra.
  • Built CPython documentation with Lutra.


  • Getting the Packaging PEPs into a consistent state.
  • Start moving Python Packaging standards to
  • Engage in a discussion about Bokeh moving off of
  • Get PEP 668 over the line and… it’s accepted!
  • Start poking at PEP 625, to get the ball rolling on that again.
  • General contributions to executable books and Sphinx.
  • Gather a first round of feedback, on CPython documentation built with Lutra.

General Notes

This was backfilled in Sept 2022.