2024.05.06 – Cheerful Cerulean

  • ✨ Add new custom icons for auto mode, reflecting the currently active theme.

  • ✨ Add a view this page button.

  • ✨ Add colours and highlighting to “version modified” API helpers.

  • ✨ Add release information to various customisation knobs.

  • Make all icons bigger and use a thinner stroke with them.

2024.04.27 – Bold Burgundy

  • Add a skip to content link.

  • Add --font-stack--headings.

  • Add :visited colour and enforce uniform contrast between light/dark.

  • Add an offset of :target to reduce back-to-top overlap.

  • Improve dark mode colours.

  • Fix outstanding colour contrast warnings on Firefox.

  • Fix bad indent in footnotes.

  • Tweak handling of default configuration options in a more resilient manner.

  • Tweak length and sizing of API source links.

  • Stop search engine indexing on search page.

2024.01.29 – Amazing Amethyst

  • Fix canonical url when building with dirhtml.

  • Relicense the demo module.

2023.09.10 – Zesty Zaffre

  • Make asset hash injection idempotent, fixing Sphinx 6 compatibility.

  • Fix the check for HTML builders, fixing non-HTML Read the Docs builds.

2023.08.19 – Xenolithic Xanadu

  • Fix missing search context with Sphinx 7.2, for dirhtml builds.

  • Drop support for Python 3.7.

  • Present configuration errors in a better format – thanks @AA-Turner!

  • Bump require_sphinx() to Sphinx 6.0, in line with dependency changes in Unassuming Ultramarine.

2023.08.17 – Wonderous White

  • Fix compatiblity with Sphinx 7.2.0 and 7.2.1.

2023.07.26 – Vigilant Volt

  • Fix compatiblity with Sphinx 7.1.

  • Improve how content overflow is handled.

  • Improve how literal blocks containing inline code are handled.

2023.05.20 – Unassuming Ultramarine

  • ✨ Add support for Sphinx 7.

  • Drop support for Sphinx 5.

  • Improve the screen-reader label for sidebar collapse.

  • Make it easier to create derived themes from Furo.

  • Bump all JS dependencies (NodeJS and npm packages).

2023.03.27 – Tasty Tangerine

  • Regenerate with newer version of sphinx-theme-builder, to fix RECORD hashes.

  • Add missing class to Font Awesome examples

2023.03.23 – Sassy Saffron

  • Update Python version classifiers.

  • Increase the icon size in mobile header.

  • Increase admonition title bg opacity.

  • Change the default API background to transparent.

  • Transition the API background change.

  • Remove the “indent” of API entries which have a background.

  • Break long inline code literals.

2022.12.07 – Reverent Raspberry

  • ✨ Add support for Sphinx 6.

  • ✨ Improve footnote presentation with docutils 0.18+.

  • Drop support for Sphinx 4.

  • Improve documentation about what the edit button does.

  • Improve handling of empty-flexboxes for better print experience on Chrome.

  • Improve styling for inline signatures.

  • Replace the meta generator tag with a comment.

  • Tweak labels with icons to prevent users selecting icons as text on touch.

2022.09.29 – Quaint Quartz

  • Add ability to set arbitrary URLs for edit button.

  • Add support for aligning text in MyST-parser generated tables.

2022.09.15 – Pragmatic Pistachio

  • Add a minimum version constraint on pygments.

  • Add an explicit dependency on sass.

  • Change right sidebar title from “Contents” to “On this page”.

  • Correctly position sidebars on small screens.

  • Correctly select only Furo’s own svg in related pages nav.

  • Make numpy-style documentation headers consistent.

  • Retitle the reference section.

  • Update npm dependencies.

2022.06.21 – Opulent Opal

  • Fix docutils <= 0.17.x compatibility.

  • Bump to the latest Node.js LTS.

2022.06.04.1 – Naughty Nickel bugfix

  • Fix the URL used in the “Edit this page” for Read the Docs builds.

2022.06.04 – Naughty Nickel

  • ✨ Advertise Sphinx 5 compatibility.

  • ✨ Change to basic-ng as the base theme (from sphinx-basic-ng).

  • Document site-wide announcement banners.

  • Drop the pin on pygments.

  • Improve edit button, using basic-ng’s edit-this-page component.

  • Tweak headings to better match what users expect.

  • Tweak how Sphinx’s default HTML is rendered, using docutils post-transforms (this replaces parsing+modifying it with BeautifulSoup).

  • When built with docutils 0.18, footnotes are rendered differently and stylised differently in Furo.

2022.04.07 – Magical Mauve

  • ✨ Make sphinx-copybutton look better.

  • Add margin to indentations in line blocks.

  • Add styling for non-arabic list styles

  • Add support for html_baseurl.

  • Improve “Edit this page” icon to be more accessible.

  • Improve html_sidebars example.

  • Tweak positioning of back to top on desktop.

2022.03.04 – Lucent Lilac

  • Improve support for print media.

  • Reduce heading sizes for h3 and below.

  • Don’t allow selecting headerlink content.

  • Improve how overflow wrapping is handled.

  • Add a reference from the configuration variables to the color customisation page.

2022.02.23 – Keen Kobi

  • ✨ Add a “Back to Top” button that shows up when scrolling up.

  • Add a URL to GitHub in Project-URLs.

  • Break long words in the prev/next buttons.

  • Fix includes in Kitchen sink.

  • Handle external references for viewcode links.

  • Properly offset scrollspy.

  • Switch from optional-dependencies (AKA extras) to dedicated requirements.txt files.

2022.02.14.1 – Jazzy Jasmine (bugfix)

  • Drop a , / for positional-only arguments.

2022.02.14 – Jazzy Jasmine

  • ✨ Rework typography, pivoting to bold headings.

  • ✨ Redesign the footer and allow footer icons.

  • ✨ Change the default permalinks icon.

  • ✨ Add an edit button for RTD-built pages.

  • ✨ Better integration of Read the Docs’ embed.

  • Add dedicated headings for each admonition type.

  • Add the green border for sphinx-copybutton after copy.

  • Bump to the latest Node.js LTS.

  • Don’t set display: block on visible only-* elements. (for sphinx-design)

  • Improve footnote styling.

  • Improve styling for div.math equation numbers.

  • Rework how :target links are handled.

  • Stylise small tag.

  • Stylise code block captions.

  • Stylise various forms of blockquotes.

  • Treat all custom code injection as unstable.

  • Tweak admonition spacing.

  • Tweak how muted-links are presented.

  • Use a better color for hovered tabs, with sphinx-inline-tabs.

  • Use higher specificity for hiding elements. (for sphinx-design)

  • Use the modern Firefox focus ring.

2022.01.02 – Immaculate Indigo

  • Improve colours for sphinx-inline-tabs.

  • Improve highlighting of active definition list targets.

  • Improve error message when html_style is set.

  • Update workflow to reflect reality.

  • Be more selective about API documentation headings.

  • Increase specificity of pre selector for line-height.

2021.11.23 – Hearty Honeydew

  • Improve code block styling.

  • Explicitly declare compatibility constraints for pygments.

  • Break words in API documentation, when the words are too long.

  • Drop the def on function and method signatures.

  • Reduce the font-weight in sig-prename.

2021.11.16 – Grumpy Ghost

  • Fix a typo, that broke the sidebar highlight logic.

2021.11.15 – Fearless Fawn

  • Tweak API documentation presentation to match pdoc3’s style.

  • Bring back browser-specific prefixes, for compatibility.

2021.11.12.1 – Enamoured Emerald bugfix

  • Fix RECORD file contents.

2021.11.12 – Enamoured Emerald

  • Adopt sphinx-theme-builder, which runs the JS-based asset build process during the regular Python build process.

  • Rework the build pipeline to be webpack-based.

  • Tweak colours in dark mode.

  • Present better error messages on misconfiguration.

  • Tweak presentation of blockquotes, to be more visually distinct.

  • Stylize topics like admonitions, as specified in the reStructuredText spec.

  • Handle long single words in the sidebar.

  • Only hide Sphinx from the footer, when show_sphinx is set to False.

2021.10.09 – Delicate Dandelion

  • Add a bit more space below content icon container.

  • Add CSS variables for table header background and table border.

  • Fix behaviour of URL-style references in html_logo and html_favicon.

  • Improve selector for embedded-in-text images.

  • Improve the contrast ratios in API documentation.

2021.09.22 – Cavalier Canary

  • Restyle API documentation signatures, to have a background and use monospace fonts.

  • Reduce spacing for items in API documentation.

  • Improve the presentation of links in site-wide announcement.

  • Only add a border on code inside paragraphs.

  • Use noscript for presenting “search needs JS” message.

2021.09.08 – Balmy Blue

  • Prevent screen-reader-only content from showing up in Sphinx search results.

  • Improve support for various footer configurations.

2021.08.31 – Aspiring Avocado

  • First stable release! 🎉

  • Document stability policy.

  • Tweak API styling selectors.

  • Drop reference to no-longer-used pygments_dark.css.

  • Eagerly set the light/dark mode theme, when loading a page.


  • Add support for sphinx-design.

  • Document sidebar title customization.

  • Don’t show “Contents” on pages without h1 headings.

  • Add border to inline code, to improve contrast.

  • Reduce contrast on dark-mode text.


  • Fix esoteric failure due to inability to write pygments.css.

  • Improve overscroll behaviour.


  • Adapt for newer sphinx-copybutton design

  • Improved screen reader experience

  • Bring back asset digests, to avoid caching-related issues


  • Add spacing around light theme / dark theme / auto theme toggle.


  • Site visitors can now force light theme / dark theme, independently of browser settings. 🎉

  • Rework handling of dark theme code block highlighting.

  • “Hide Search Matches” shows up in the sidebar, when the user has search matches highlighted.

  • Search term highlights are only shown in the page content.

  • Fix styling for default aligned tables.

  • Enable smooth scrolling.

  • meta: Upgrade NodeJS packages and start using Babel.

  • meta: Rework organisation of various user-facing CSS variables.


  • Fix image alignment in Sphinx 4.


  • Require Sphinx 4.

  • Rework CSS/JS asset inclusion, to work better with Sphinx 4.

  • Document how to add a custom admonition style.


  • Fix dark mode highlighting in Sphinx 4.


  • Allow use with Sphinx 4.

  • Fix right alignment of viewcode links, when used with certain API signatures.


  • Account for even more variants of sidebar-caption HTML.


  • Another styling update sidebar-caption related changes in Sphinx.


  • Add a basic domainindex page, without dedicated styling.

  • Add recommendation for sphinx-opengraph.

  • Account for newer Sphinx versions changing classes for captions.

  • Account for the broken docutils release.

  • Right align viewcode links (like [source]) allowing wrapping of API signatures gradefully.


  • Get pygments_dark_style working.

  • Use the correct layout for domain index placeholder.


  • Fix a typo in the README.

  • Add an escape hatch for specific table of contents.


  • Update Python-Requires to >=3.6.

  • Account for nested admonitions.

  • Center align items like other themes.

  • Don’t stylize the compound kbd tags.

  • Fix a broken internal link in documentation.

  • Fix a mistyped vertical-align style.

  • Vertically align embedded-in-text images.

  • Declare in HTML that the theme’s pages support multiple color schemes.


  • Fix a bug in how stylesheets are handled.

  • Clarify how to install directly from GitHub.

  • Document how to install from git.


  • Center figures and legends with margin: auto.

  • Improve compatibility with json builder, by not passing functions into the Jinja templates.

  • Add a friendly comment to domainindex.html, about it not being implemented.

  • Add styling for GUI labels.


  • Fix wrong height on wide screens, for pages with a tall sidebar but not-tall content.

  • Add type annotations to the codebase! 🎉

  • Fix an instance of missing brackets in documentation.


  • Document how to inject custom code in Sphinx documentation

  • Document that pygments_dark_style is Furo-specific

  • Make sphinx-panels respond to dark mode with Furo

  • Stop defering Javascript, which was causing search to break in some cases.


  • Disable environment caching if pygments_dark_style is changed.

  • Revert to earlier background color for inline literals, and allow configuring it via a CSS variables.


  • Fix code-block overflow issue, introduced by the fix for sphinx-copybutton compatibility.

  • Tweak horizontal rules, to always be 1px tall.

  • Tweak background color for inline literals, to match code blocks.


  • MAJOR: Move theme files into a “furo” folder.

    • This affects any users deriving from furo’s templates.

  • Add (custom) support for pygments_dark_style.

  • Add support for genindex pages.

    • Note that html_split_index is not supported at this time.

  • Add support for highlighting API elements, when accessed via “#hash” in URL.

  • Add language_data.js to search page, fixing Stemmer related failures in Sphinx 3.4.

  • Document how to add a site-wide announcement.

  • Fix sphinx-copybutton placement on scrollable code blocks.

  • Generate an error page, for documents using layout.html from Sphinx’s basic theme.

  • Translate placeholder in sidebar’s search.

  • Tweak how additional h1 headings are handled in ToC sidebar.

  • Update dependency constraints, limiting compatibility to Sphinx 3.x versions.


  • Rebuild theme assets, for main release.


  • Clarify expectations around sidebar customisation.

  • Declare plugin information to pacify Sphinx’s “are you parallel” check.

  • Disable sidebar-follows-you-as-you-scroll Javascript.

  • Fix scrollbar styles affecting document body.

  • Tweak colors for problematic content.

  • Tweak how words wrap in sidebar title.

  • Tweak spacing in API documentation.

  • Tweak wrapping of text in API function/class signatures.


  • Add styling for rubrics.

  • Add styling for scrollbars, to make them match the theme.

  • Fix bottom-of-page JS conditional.

  • Fix stability of resources hashes. (thanks @dvarrazzo)

  • Fix styling for multi-term definition lists items.

  • Re-add our development documentation kitchen-sink.

  • Tweak how ToC sidebar handles scrollbars.

  • Tweak styling for basic definition lists.


  • Fix search page. It had become non-operational, due to changes to JS in the previous release.


  • Add properly documented mechanisms for customising the sidebar.

  • Add dedicated styling for ethical ads.

  • Tweak how JS scripts are loaded.


  • Add a separate file for CSS that affects other Sphinx extensions.

  • Add content to all the existing pages in documentation.

  • Clarify that Furo is biased toward smaller documentation sets.

  • Clarify that logo files need to be in html_static_path

  • Improve various explanations in documentation.

  • Tweak borders inside tables.

  • Tweak bottom spacing on right sidebar.

  • Tweak CSS and JS blocks in base.html template.

  • Tweak how captions for toctrees look.

  • Tweak spacing on sidebar ad on Read the Docs.


  • Add a recommendations page, for plugins

  • Add support for different logos in light and dark mode

  • Change location of TOC drawer icon on mobile

  • Drop support for html_sidebars based customisation.

  • Improve how the RTD ads work

  • Improve TOC sidebar auto-scroll functional

  • Significantly improve footer capabilities


  • Add classifiers to the theme.

  • Add friendly messages for users of html_sidebars.

  • Add link to homepage, in mobile header.

  • Add support for ethical ads in the sidebar.

  • Change css_variables to light_css_variables.

  • Change font stack to match to GitHub.

  • Change the color used for <hr> tags.

  • Change unsplash URLs to use cute+animal as cues

  • Document navigation_with_keys.

  • Drop logic that jumps toc-scroll to bottom-of-page.

  • Improve customisation documentation.

  • Remove text underline from headerlink.

  • Strip tags in title.


  • Add a direct dependency on Sphinx.

  • Add styling for “highlighted text” in dark mode.

  • Add support for sphinx-inline-tabs.

  • Change the default development branch name to main.

  • Drop customisations for sphinx-panel’s tabs.

  • Rework the entire handling of background and foreground colours.

  • Tweak API documentation, when presented in dark mode.

  • Tweak Bootstrap 4 .container styling (comes from sphinx-panel).

  • Tweak borders on tables.

  • Tweak dark mode colors.

  • Tweak light mode colors.


  • Fix image link in README, to show up correctly on PyPI.


  • Tweak colors for dark mode.

  • Tweak presentation of <kbd>, to look better in dark mode.


  • Add dark mode support, based on prefers-color-scheme! 🎉

  • Add more information in the documentation (reference and customisation).

  • Add sourcemaps in the generated distribution.

  • Add support for glossary lists.

  • Drop the custom Read the Docs-specific CSS.

  • Fix bad transparency handling for sidebar hover on Safari.

  • Fix shrinking of sidebar brand image on Safari.

  • Tweak spacing in admonitions.


  • Add per-build hashes to asset URLs, to simplify cache invalidation.

  • Tweak spacing in API documentation.


  • Require Sphinx 3.

  • Add styling for API documentation.

  • Add styling for abbreviations.

  • Add clear CSS property for left/right aligned content.

  • Add styling to tweak the look of tabs.

  • Drop the complexities introduced for custom homepages.

  • Tweak color of problematic content.

  • Tweak font-size handling for code-blocks.

  • Tweak font-size handling for admonitions.

  • Tweak spacing around code-blocks.

  • Tweak how pages look with announcement and shorter-than-viewport content.

  • Tweak styling for lists.

  • Fix overlays to correctly show on top of content.

  • Restructure sidebar scrolling, to correctly fill viewport.

  • Change JS from the basic theme to use blocking network requests.

  • Change inline table of contents to look like an error, nudging toward to not using it.


  • Automate version management

  • Use correct width for elements on small screens (100% instead of 100vw)


  • Tweak header on small screens.

  • Tweak spacing for small screens.

  • Place “sidebar” directive’s contents inline, on small screens.



This release was not correctly versioned and is not installed preferentially over beta4.

  • Add CSS variables for header foreground and background.

  • Add styling for captions.

  • Add styling for correctly handling permalinks.

  • Correctly stylize only definition lists with the rules intended for them.

  • Fix next/prev links flowing into one-another by limiting width to 50%.

  • Fix positioning of collapsed contents sidebar icon.

  • Fix shrinking arrows in next/prev links.

  • Include basic theme’s JS files unconditionally. This should help with compatibility with various Sphinx extensions and Read the Docs.

  • Make math elements scrollable, when wider than the page.

  • Tweak images to be responsive.

  • Tweak spacing of paragraphs.

  • Tweak location of Read the Docs’ injected version helper.


  • More fixes for Python 3.7 support.


  • Add support for sphinx.ext.todo.

  • Add support for hiding name in sidebar.

  • Add reference to deployed documentation in README.

  • Tweak font size for admonitions.

  • Tweak spacing for contents sidebar.

  • Tweak styling of inline code.

  • Fix support for Python < 3.8.


  • Add support for logos in the sidebar.

  • Fix path used for search page.

  • Tweak height for short pages on mobile (100vh resulted in a scroll).

  • Tweak definition lists.

  • Tweak line height in contents, to accommodate for code literals.

  • Use em as the unit for layout sizes.

  • Start writing theme’s documentation.

  • Deploy documentation on


Initial release.