This is a run of automodule to grab classes, functions, and members from the demo module.

This is a demo module included in the docs in order to exercise viewcode, autodoc, and other related functionality.

class furo_demo_module.RandomNumberGenerator[source]

A random number generator.

You can use this as follows.

RNG = RandomNumberGenerator()

This is hopefully useful to somebody.

get_random_float() float[source]

Return a random float.

get_random_integer() int[source]

Return a random integer.

property seed

The seed for random number generation.

furo_demo_module.show_warning(message: Union[Warning, str], category: Type[Warning], filename: str, lineno: int, file: Optional[TextIO] = None, line: Optional[str] = None) None[source]

Show a warning to the end user.

  • message – What you want to tell the user.

  • category – The type of warning.

  • filename – The file that the warning is for.

  • lineno – The line that the warning is for.

  • file – Where to write the warning.

  • line – line of source code to be included in the warning message