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A work in progress Sphinx theme.

Designed for the modern web

Lutra is responsive, lightweight, and utilises modern web browser features while degrading gracefully. Build documentation websites that work on all devices.

Deeply customizable

From unparalleled flexibility in navigation and layouts, to tweaking colors and fonts, and so much more. Create beautiful documentation that matches your brand and vision.

All the good stuff from Sphinx

With built-in support for everything you can do with standard Sphinx as well as a curated selection of extensions, you have everything you need to create awesome documentation.

Built for everyone

With a focus on accessibility [WIP: and internationalization, including full RTL (right-to-left) support,] Lutra helps make your documentation work for everyone.

Scales with your project

From single-page websites to sprawling, complex, and extensive websites, Lutra can gracefully adapt to your documentation needs.

Powerful yet easy to use

The large set of [WIP: well-documented] features make it possible to create documentation that works the way you want it to. A zero configuration foundation makes it easy to get started.