pip maintainer 2017 - present
pip is the package installer for Python. It is the most downloaded package on the Python Package Index. I have been the release manager for most pip releases since late 2018.
TOML lead maintainer 2018 - present
TOML is a configuration file format, with an emphasis on simplicity. It is used in many places, including Python’s pyproject.toml file and Rust’s cargo.toml file.
PyPI moderator 2019 - present
Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software for the Python programming language.
Furo creator 2020 - present
Furo is a documentation theme for Sphinx-based (technical) documentation, designed to emphasize on the content while still providing capable navigation around the documentation.
sphinx-inline-tabs creator 2020 - present
sphinx-inline-tabs is a Sphinx plugin, that provides simple and easy-to-use tabs for inline content; for use in technical documentation.
vendoring creator 2019 - present
vendoring is a command line tool for vendoring Python Packages. It is designed specifically for pip’s use case.
installer creator 2020 - present
installer is a library for installing Python wheel distributions, serving as building block for package/dependency management tooling.
virtualenv maintainer 2018 - 2021
virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments.
alias-tips maintainer 2017 - 2021
alias-tips is a zsh plugin to help users remember shell aliases defined in their shell configuration.
JSON.minify maintainer 2017 - 2021
JSON.minify is a minifier algorithm for JSON, to remove comments and whitespace.


GSoC 2020
Participated in Google Summer of Code as a mentor.
PyCon India 2019
Volunteered at the conference and participated in the sprints as a mentor.
PyConf Hyderabad 2019
Volunteered at the conference and participated in the sprints as a mentor.
PyCon US 2019
Volunteer at the conference, participant at the “Python Packaging Mini-Summit” and in the development sprints.
GSoC 2017
Participated in Google Summer of Code as a student, where I learnt a lot.

Interviews & features

Podcast.__init__ 2020
Interviewed about my work on pip’s next-generation dependency resolver.

Podcast.__init__ Epiode 264

SourceSort 2019
Interviewed as part of an ongoing series of “Interviews with open source maintainers and developers” by SourceSort.



Python Software Foundation Fellow 2019
Recognized as a fellow by the Python Software Foundation for my significant contributions to the Python community.

Blog Post

Google Open Source Peer Bonus 2019
Recognized as an external-to-Google individual who has made exceptional contributions to open source.

Blog Post