Adding an edit button#

Furo can add a small edit button to each document to allow visitors to easily propose changes to that document using the repository’s source control system.

With arbitrary URLs#

New in version 2022.09.29.

Use arbitrary URLs for the edit button, by setting the following key in html_theme_options:

html_theme_options = {
    "source_edit_link": "{filename}",

The {filename} component will be replaced with the full path to the file, as known from the base of the documentation directory.


Furo does not enforce that the source_edit_link contains {filename} or any sort of correctness check on this URL. Make sure to manually confirm that the link works.

Read the Docs support#

If you’re building documentation on Read the Docs using a repository as the source, the edit button is enabled by default.

Disabling on Read the Docs#

If you wish to disable this, use top_of_page_button and set it to None.